Radial Bristle Disc

Radial bristle discs-grit from 1000# fine to 80# corse.Dia(mm)15.20.25,15000~20000 RPM-12pcs/pack

Item No.: 抛光耐磨片

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Why we used Radial bristle disc

Use them for heavy cleaning, for removing firescale and light oxide, and for pre-polishing, semi-finishing, blending, texturing and polishing. 

With their highly flexible and conformable bristles, these radial bristle discs can be used for a wide variety of

cleaning and finishing needs. 

conmpared with wire brushes

It is safer to use and eliminates the danger of steel wire splashing

The product has a soft and consistent adhesion, easily sanding tight and hard-to-reach Areas

Longer Life, Save Time and money

The polishing effect is consistent and the quality is high

Provides a variety of grits to meet different requirements from 80#/120#/220#/320#/400#/600#/1000#/2500#/5000#

Less grinding debris, safe to use

Do not damage the metal, reduce the cost of rework, Save Time

Reduce Heat and protect the jewelry

Brand: ORO
Country of origin: China
  Grit Size(φ)mm Color Speed(RPM) Item Code
80# 15 Green 3000-20000 0011-0448
80# 20 Green 3000-20000 0011-0449
80# 25 Green 3000-20000 0011-0450
120# 15 Blue 3000-20000 0011-0452
120# 20 Blue 3000-20000 0011-0453
120# 25 Blue 3000-20000 0011-0454
220# 15 Red 3000-20000 0011-0456
220# 20 Red 3000-20000 0011-0457
220# 25 Red 3000-20000 0011-0458
320# 15 Brown 3000-20000 0011-0460
320# 20 Brown 3000-20000 0011-0461
320# 25 Brown 3000-20000 0011-0462
600# 15 Purple 3000-20000 0011-0464
600# 20 Purple 3000-20000 0011-0465
600# 25 Purple 3000-20000 0011-0466
1000# 15 Green 3000-20000 0011-0468
1000# 20 Green 3000-20000 0011-0469
1000# 25 Green 3000-20000 0011-0470

ORO Radial Bristle Disc, the best option for polishing&finishing the area which is hard to access, without removing any detail or making flat spot.
Suitable for all kind of material, for finishing, smoothing and mirror polishing.

Almost no dust & heat during operation, not polishing compound needed.

For most application, OROBRUSH recommends operating speeds is 3K~20KRPM.
Work by lower speed to get a softer touch, better flexibility and the result is more subtle.
Higher speed, it will be more aggressive to the work piece.
Just using the tips of disc with light pressure, it helps to extend the using life.
Woodworking, Max.5KRPM