Sandpaper(Abrasive paper/sheet)

Sanding Abrasive Sheet Matador Germany


Made by silicone carbide.
For more than 100 years STARCKE has focussed on the development and production of coated
abrasives for industrial production and the trade.
And now they are one of the market leaders for quality abrasives and supplies customers all over
the world with demand-driven and high-performance products.

Now, MATADOR 991A(P220~P7000) & 991C(P180) is available in OROBRUSH.
Made by silicone carbide.
Can be used for both dry and wet polishing&abrasive.
Package: 50pcs/pck
Grit Item Code Grit Item Code Grit Item Code
P180 0010-0076 P400 0010-0005 P1500 0010-0010
P220 0010-0001 P600 0010-0006 P2000 0010-0011
P240 0010-0002 P800 0010-0007 P2500 0010-0077
P280 0010-0003 P1000 0010-0008 P3000 0010-0012
P320 0010-0004 P1200 0010-0009 P5000 0010-0013
        P7000 0010-0014