Silicone Polisher

Silicone Polishing Point-Silicone Polisher

Material:      Silicone
Grit:              Mid-Coarse
shank:          2.35mm
Application      Dental,Jewelry
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For polishing and ultra-fine polishing on metal Obtain high-shine under recommanded safety RPM.
  Material Hardeness Heat Dissipation Polishing Efficiency Polisher Abrasion Production Abrasion Application Feature
Silicone Polisher Imported high quality silicone Soft Slow Slow Fast Low Precious metal
The material of the products are tested by the authority, which is non-toxic and harmless to the human body, and has no environmental pollution, and can be applied to the clinic.
Excellent product quality and excellent polishing effect.
The product has superior performance and high polishing finish.
With stainless steel mandrel, the product has higher rotation precision and better stability.
The part that can be used is improved under the premise of ensuring the rotation accuracy.


10,000-12,000 10,000-12,000 10,000-12,000 10,000-12,000


12*1 18*1 12*2 15*2

Item Code:

0011-0271 0011-0272 0011-0273 0011-0274
Speed(RPM): 10,000-12,000 10,000-12,000 10,000-12,000  


12*4 12*2 15*2  

Item Code:

0011-0275 0011-0276 0011-0277