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Abrasive,polishing and buffing-- The three main actions in the nine steps of Jewelry Making

1. Firstly jewelry has to be abrasive and roughly polish

Abrasive and Rough polishing is to get rid of the file marks, pincer marks, drill marks, burrs and black oxide layer left by welding on the surface of the metal bracket Smooth out the lines. But also can not force too large, polishing too Meng, such as in the surface of jewelry brackets left depression will be difficult to restore its appearance. Rough polishing is the foundation of medium polishing and fine polishing, if it can not reach the requirement, it will affect the later polishing and directly affect the quality of jewelry.recommend rough polish tools-orobrush as below:

brass wire brush,

steel wire brush, 

anise star brush,

Miniature polish brush.

2. Start the Polisher Motor

Then start polishing motor, motor shaft rotation force rotation on the polishing brush (brush) , brush tightening after the rough sweeping agent-green wax (containing chromium oxide) coated on the brush, you can Polish.


The bristle brush mainly polishes the inlaid jewelry countertop, the main vice stone edge, the flower decoration and so on has the gap place as well as the ring's exterior, but also polishes the reverse side of the jewelry. In the process of operation, the first thing to be noticed is to polish the wax on the brush evenly. The polishing force should be appropriate, and the excessive force should not cause the jewelry to deform, drop its claws, loosen its claws or even drop stones Also can not Polish is not in place but still remain have file mark, Abrade to wait. Jewelry all rough polishing again, polishing is not obvious enough place to repeat polishing. For better results, polishing plates of different sizes and sizes can be used.

4. Polish rings with a
Felt inside ring buff

If the polishing inlaid ring, but also use the Felt inside ring buff   to polish the inner ring, according to the need to choose the appropriate wick, the ring wick must be coated with green Polish wax. When polishing, pay attention to the contact surface between the wick and the ring, that is, the ring can not be set too deep into the wick, keep polishing the contact surface is 1 / 3 of the Inner Ring Arc. If the contact surface is too small, the working efficiency will be low. If the contact surface is too large, it will be very inconvenient to change the polishing position. Moreover, because of the large friction resistance, it is difficult to hold the jewelry to be polished firmly It is also easy to cause polished jewelry to fly out and damage gemstone ring surface or jewelry modeling.

5. Use of brushes and
Polishing buff

Pay attention to the wax on the brush and Muslin buff during jewelry rough polishing, but do not apply too much wax at one time, so as to avoid the heating of the polished wax after rubbing and causing it to melt and cover the surface of the jewelry, and cover up all kinds of marks and pits on the surface of the jewelry, etc. This will affect the quality of jewelry rough polishing, and to fine polishing difficult, or even lead to re-rough polishing. In addition, the radial bristle discs is a new generation of choice, do not need to wax can achieve the same or better results.

6. jewelry Final Polishing 

The polishing technique of polishing operator will also affect the polishing quality. If the polishing technique is not correct, it is impossible to polish the jewelry well. Generally speaking, when polishing try to make jewelry and polishing cloth wheel parallel, both hands hold jewelry and from the top down along the direction of cloth wheel movement. The polishing must be done evenly over all the parts at one time, and each part must be cast into place. Polishing technique is not correct, polished jewelry in high-speed spinning polishing wheel is easy to be ejected from the hand, so it is very easy to cause damage to the diamond ring surface, metal bracket deformation and fracture. If polished jewelry small size (such as chest pendant, earrings) , you can prepare a wire made hooks, left hand to keep jewelry polishing, polishing to prevent jumping polishing and uneven weight. If there is jumping phenomenon, it is possible that the polishing wheel is not on the axis, it is possible that the polishing cloth wheel is not round, it is more likely to be a gesture problem, find out the cause, it is easy to solve the problem.

7. Alloy Polishing

Some alloy jewelry which is difficult to Polish, due to the metal toughness of the jewelry making in the soft metal polishing up the phenomenon of stagnation, not easy to polish the metal surface, can only be polished several times to meet the requirements, such as platinum jewelry as far as possible in the process of polishing, polishing method and rough polishing is basically the same, still using a brush and yellow cloth wheel in the process of polishing, polishing wax is different, mainly used fine particle size white polishing wax (is an aluminum oxide) . In polishing is in accordance with the rough polishing method to operate, the jewelry from beginning to end re-polishing again.

8. Finishing polish and mirrow polish

Any jewelry after rough polishing must be fine polishing, so as to make the metal jewelry Surface finish stronger, fine polishing is in the rough, medium polishing on the basis of further fine polishing, so that the jewelry surface is more smooth, smooth, to achieve the mirror reflection effect. But its polishing friction contact surface is small, not only the polishing force should be small and even, the jewelry surface must be completely polished again, the specific method is to use a fine white cloth wheel coated with red polishing wax, the front of the jewelry to be polished first, then Polish the sides and corners of the jewelry. In the case of polishing the ring, and the selection of the ring corduroy stick coated with red wax on the Ring Ring Ring when polishing. Then, polish the front shoulder of the ring, and finally Polish the sides and outer rings of the jewelry.
Recommended tools:

Mounted goat hair brush

Plasctic hub brush-white goat hair

White Muslin buff

9,Additional Repair in finishing

After jewelry rough polished, medium polished and fine polished polished 3 times, it should be said that the surface of jewelry can reach the degree of mirror. However, sometimes due to excessive rough wear in the jewelry surface is still left a larger file, scratches and other marks. It's GONNA be hard to clean through the polishing process. There are also polishing process will cover in the jewelry surface pock polished out, which not only affects the smoothness of jewelry also affects the quality of jewelry, the situation must be repaired, trace files on jewelry should be re-polished with a grinder, or with a
mounted sanding paper roll to Polish. Jewelry surface pock must be repaired welding, polished flat before polishing.

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