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Secrets of polishing process for platinum jewelry

ABSRTACT: a solid brand can stand the test of time, the excellent brand will be the leader of the market. In the jewelry industry, many enterprises can become world-famous, no one knows the brand, in addition to it' s own high-quality products, a series of processes can't be ignored. In particular, like the staff in the gold line, familiar with the production process of jewelry is necessary. In this paper, the post-processing-polishing process of platinum jewelry is described, the related matters needing attention are explained, and the details of the polishing process are summarized, as well as how to study together with colleagues in the work Master the polishing process of platinum jewelry was reported. ONLY BY UNDERSTANDING THE IN & Out of our products can we better serve our customers and build up our brand image in our daily work. At last, the author expounds his own profit in the practice work and looks into the future.

Keywords: Platinum Jewelry, Jewelry polishing process, Orobrush

With the improvement of people's life taste, jewelry will no longer be the possession of a few people, but into thousands of households, people's understanding of jewelry is no longer just in value preservation and valuable, but gradually tends to the pursuit of beauty and art. Before that kind only emphasizes the value of the jewelry, the idea that pursues big, thick blindly has been abandoned, the future people will be higher and higher to the jewelry design and processing request, the future jewelry processing will also be more and more fine. As a
 jewelry polishing tools manufacturer-ORO that is, a bridge connecting customers and producers, we should understand and master the production process of the products we sell, know the surface treatment of the products like the back of our hand, and answer customers'difficult questions Please customers, then our brand image will be built up in the hearts of the people.

In daily work, customers often ask why the jewelry will not shine after wearing for a period of time, how to deal with such questions, in order to give customers a satisfactory answer, we staff of Orobrush must learn the jewelry polishing process. In the workshop of a month to learn, I have a certain understanding of jewelry polishing process, here, I will do a platinum polishing process.

Due to the high requirement of surface quality for platinum jewelry, the cost in the manufacturing process is largely caused by the smooth surface. Platinum polishing is an important link in the post-processing of platinum jewelry. If this process is not clean and thorough, it will directly affect the next step of processing, thus affecting the surface color and brightness of the product Ultimately affects the overall surface effect. During my study in the factory, I had the honor to learn the polishing process of platinum on the spot. The Polishing process is a very patient process, each link has a lot of details to pay attention to.

Below I introduce the polishing equipment and accessories required.

Polishing equipment: Polishing Grinder, exhaust fan, ultrasonic cleaning machine, electric stove, vacuum cleaner.

 (wool felt wheel) , yellow Muslin Buff white Muslin Buff , Inner Felt Polisher , leather finger sets, masks, white wax, yellow wax, dewaxing water.

These devices and materials may be the Beloved of the makers, as they are all too familiar with, but they may be another story for us. So, before we introduce the polishing process, let's familiarize ourselves with these props, put ourselves in their respective uses, not only to master the foundation of jewelry-making skills but also to prepare us for the next process.

Here mainly on the polishing machine and ultrasonic cleaning machine is introduced. The Polishing machine is mainly used for polishing the surface of the jewelry , so that it is highly bright and clean. At present, in order to improve the production efficiency and make the workpiece obtain a higher surface brightness, mechanical polishing equipment has gradually replaced the manual polishing equipment. Common Mechanical Polishing Equipment is drum polishing machine, magnetic polishing machine, vibration polishing machine. The Polishing machine has a single-station, double-station, multi-station, and other models, generally by motor, seal cover, dust collection system, dust collection system can be random attached, can also be the central dust collector. The end of the rotating shaft of the motor is provided with a reverse taper thread, and the cloth roller is mounted on the rotating shaft, which is further locked by the friction generated by the polishing. A variety of materials, different shapes of cloth roller, 
rubber roller ,pile stick, brush on the rotating shaft can meet the different requirements of the surface quality of jewelry. Ultrasound is a sound wave with a frequency greater than 20,000 HZ. The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is that when the sound wave acts on the liquid, many tiny bubbles will form in the liquid, and when the bubbles break, there will be a shock wave with great energy Thus, the function of cleaning and washing the inner and outer surface of the workpiece can be achieved. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment mainly consists of cleaning tank, ultrasonic generator , and power supply. The ultrasonic cleaning machine commonly used in jewelry making has many advantages, such as high cleaning efficiency, good effect, wide application range, low cleaning cost, low labor intensity, good working environment, etc.  It can clean dead corners, blind holes and hard-to-reach places to hide dirt and dirt. Thus, the investment cost of the polishing process is large, but the role can not be ignored.

After knowing the polishing equipment and accessories, I will take the platinum ring as an example to describe the general polishing process.

(1) roughing the
inner ring of the Pewter Mill with a Corduroy Rod.

(2) wax the front and the edges of the ring with a
stiff Muslin Buff .

(3) use Anise Star Brush  to clean the dead corner of the flower head and the edge of the flower head.

(4) a fine cast of the front and the edges of the ring is made with white wax on a
yellow Muslin Buff .

(5) use a white Muslin Buff to polish the Yellow Wax.

(6) after polishing must use the wax-removing water to remove the wax, to avoid affecting the next process quality.

(7) use the ultrasonic machine to clean the ornaments, and finally rinse with water to boil the pure water.

Next, the polishing process of the polished surface is introduced as follows:

(1) rough
 jewelry polishing is the ring on the surface of the file, burrs, and welding left by the black oxide layer first cast off, as far as possible to the ring support smooth, coordinated, so that smooth radian lines. But also can not force too large, polishing to Meng, such as in the ring surface left depression will be difficult to restore its appearance. Rough polishing is the foundation of medium polishing and fine polishing, if it can not reach the requirement, it will affect the later polishing and directly affect the quality of jewelry.

Polish the inner ring with a wick. Choose a suitable wick according to your needs. Apply White Polish wax to the wick of the ring before polishing. When polishing, pay attention to the contact surface between the wick and the ring, that is, the ring can't be set too deep into the wick, keep polishing the contact surface is 1 / 3 of the
 Inner Ring Arc. Polishing contact surface is too small, work efficiency is low; contact surface is too large, change polishing position is very inconvenient, moreover, because of friction resistance, it is difficult to hold the ring to Polish, also easy to cause a polishing ring to fly out and damage ring surface or ring shape.

(2) Polish the white wax on the
thick Muslin Buff properly. When polishing, try to make the ring parallel to the Muslin Buff, hold the ring tightly with both hands and move down the Muslin Buff. Polish the rings one at a time evenly, each part in place, until it is smooth and shiny.

(3) brush the flower head of the ring with a brush of white wax, especially where there are gaps in the flower head. During the operation, the first thing to be noticed is to evenly apply white wax to the brush, and the polishing force should be appropriate Can Not Polish not in place and still remain file marks, scratches and so on.

(4) in the yellow Muslin Buff appropriate white wax, the Ring's outer ring and all the edge of a thin cast again, except for the last process of polishing left scratches.

(5) in the
 white Muslin Buff appropriates yellow wax, the whole ring all fine throw again, request to remove the scratch, maintain the batch flower edges and corners, so that the batch flower surface bright refraction feeling.

(6) do not apply too much wax each time when polishing, fine polishing or fine polishing, in order to avoid the polishing wax from heating after friction and melting and covering the surface of the jewelry, and to cover up all kinds of marks and pockmarks on the surface of the jewelry, etc.  This will affect the quality of polishing. Each time after polishing must use the wax removal water to remove the wax, to avoid affecting the next process quality.

Hang the cast ring with a homemade pendant, hang the ring as far as possible through the copper wire from the ring gap, so as to avoid friction, point a good number after immersion in a clean boiling wax removal liquid boil, time for about 10-20 minutes, then the rings after wax removal into the ultrasonic cleaning, the time is 5-10 minutes, and then the rings after ultrasonic cleaning with clean water, such as cleaning the rings still have a small amount of polishing wax in the gap, you can use a fine needle to remove these polishing wax, the wax is then removed and washed until it is clean. Finally into the boiling of pure water boil about 1 minute, picked up with a hair dryer drying, placed in the tray, can wait for the inspector's inspection.

This is the process of polishing platinum, seemingly simple process not everyone can do. Aside from other processes, polishing has 6 processes, and is a link, each link must be done carefully, otherwise,  a process will directly affect the quality of the next process. In addition to the high temperature and noise workshop, working in this environment is also very exercise people's will, more need people's patience, which is probably why I saw polishing process workers after their praise for the reasons.

Things in the man-made, not everything we can be handy, plain sailing. Of course, the polishing process is no exception. The Polishing process we will encounter a variety of problems, then how to solve these problems, for everyone to present a piece of fine platinum jewelry? Below I will summarize the problems and solutions in the polishing process as follows:

(1) the surface of ornaments is easy to appear sand hole and air hole after being polished. The main reason is that ornaments appear after being polished by cloth and wheels. This is to require a selective polishing when polishing, that is, to deal with those scratches and scratches when polishing Surface raised places hard grinding, to those scratches, scratches, surface flat or dent places in the grinding force to be light, so as to avoid pores, sand hole grinding out. When you Polish the ring, you should pay attention to whether you can meet the technical requirements. You should not throw out the sand hole. You should not just polish the ring without checking it. When the ring is finished, you will throw away the printing on the ring and cause unnecessary loss.

(2) the marking surface of the ornaments has no edges and corners or has no luster, which is mainly caused by excessive polishing and grinding with a brush or white Muslin Buff or by using other Muslin Buffs. The use of hard Muslin Buffs or yellow Muslin Buffs is prohibited for the marking surface products Do not use too much force when using white Muslin Buff or wool to clean the polishing surface.

So much for knowing what polishing is all about, but according to industry rules, polished jewelry should also meet the following quality standards to be considered perfect:

(1) on the appearance, the appearance is clean and bright, no sand hole, blowhole, no polishing paste, marking surface bright, flawless, clear edges and corners, smooth lines, no slump, deformation phenomenon.

(2) the inner ring and other places should be bright, clean, no scratches, no damage to the edge, the surface of the phenomenon, the typing should be kept correct, complete, clear.

Two simple sentences, very good cover polishing the great use for platinum jewelry, to attract the customer's attention, Needs to have the perfect specialized knowledge, as well as chooses
the perfect jewelry polishing tool .

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